We include procuring packaging components, labeling, compounding & more

Formula Development

Partnering with our clients to develop superior personal care products

Private Label

Venture Capitalists and Salon Business Owners

Product Duplication

We can help you realize your dreams of launching your own products by:


  • Working with you to create your own hair or skin care product formulations that meet your expectations. We will develop formulas, do the necessary testing, help you with packaging, manufacture and ship finished products to your facility or customers.
  • Supporting your efforts through product launch and support thereafter.
  • Product manufacturing and filling only as needed. Small to medium size production quantities.

We can assist in duplicating your own products or a competitive product:


  • Give us a list of desired benefits and fragrance that you would like in your product.
  • We will submit samples for your evaluation and make formula changes as needed.
  • Once your formula is approved, we will provide a list of ingredients that are in the product.
  • We can manufacture the formula, package it and ship it to your customers or warehouse.

Contact us if you are in need of help launching a new and exciting product.


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